A few days ago I left on a road trip from Chicago, Illinois to Radford, Virginia. My week had already been very busy, and, just as I was settling in to turn on the cruise control, it hit me…I’d yet to shoot this week’s blog post.

My mind started racing. Cornfields? Could I find enough diversity in the stalks, the rows, the irrigation equipment, the patterns it all created? No, wait…there’s an office next to where I live in the city…it’s a part of a company in Indiana that provides fresh dairy goods. What is the name…? Fair Oaks Farms. That’s it! I’ll see how far off the beaten path this dairy farm is, and hopefully I’ll be able to at least capture the idea behind it all.

So that’s what I did; thirty minutes later I was thrilled to find the farm just a half mile from the interstate exit. I wandered around a little, but some day when I have more time I’d like to go inside the buildings and explore. You should too. They have a birthing barn, teach about sustainable dairy-farming, and own the largest milk carton I’ve ever seen–designed to be a fun outdoor rock climbing wall.

Though I’ve not tried it, rumor is Fair Oaks Farms has some of the best milk, ice cream, and cheese in the Midwest. If you’ve given it a whirl, tell me about it. I’d love to hear your comments.