While visiting a relative in Radford, Virginia I wandered the countryside in search of photo worthy subjects. The results were overwhelming, visually as well as for all my other senses. I was raised a country girl, yet always yearned to experience city life. Now that I’ve had a taste of both, I’m torn. My love for them is equal, but for varying reasons. The city is bright, alive, full of action. To my surprise, after spending a week here in the countryside of Virginia, I feel almost exactly the same way about this beautiful rural area; it is constantly evolving, full of wonderfully vibrant nature.

My trip to Radford was planned to help take care of a dear, sick, loved one. In spite of her pain and suffering, I found comfort; both in local people I met (Dianna Knight, a local photographer), as well as in the natural beauty of the Radford area. The experience has awakened a passion for the rural side of things that I feel I’d unknowingly misplaced. In viewing my images I hope you feel a bit of what they inspired in me.