—OH MY! Well, not really. But now that I have your attention, I’m hoping I can keep it long enough to get you to view my weekly photography blog.

This week I braved the frigid air and wandered into a dense forest to photograph things in the wild. Okay, okay…It was an arboretum, in the ‘burbs of Chicago, but there was wildlife…birds and squirrels count, right? Anyway, I waddled around in my snowsuit like a winter piñata and tried to find things to capture for your viewing pleasure.

Morton Arboretum is a treasure for people who love nature. I was amazed at how many people were out there enjoying it with me; lots of dedicated runners and cross-country skiers. At one point in my adventure, I found myself captivated by a bunch of beautiful cattail plants. As many of you know, cattails are a sure sign of water in the near vicinity. Well…I learned a lesson that day. You see, I grew up as a country girl down south, so I also understand how to read nature’s clues, but my stubbornness causes me to ignore the obvious sometimes. I was so intent on capturing the essence of these plants that I was oblivious to the fact I was walking on a partially frozen pond. Several days before we had a snowfall ranging from 4-7 inches, and in my defense I must say that the pond was nicely camouflaged. Thankfully I was barely knee-deep when the ice under my feet collapsed and you can bet your last dime that I scampered out of there FAST!

Needless to say, I didn’t get a prize-winning cattail shot, but I hope the images I did get will make it up to you. Who knows? Maybe this is the post that makes you become a ‘wisdom begins in wandering’ follower. In any case, I hope you find my work enjoyable. Stay warm everyone (and for God’s sake, keep your distance from cattails!).

© Sonya Williams 2012

© Sonya Williams 2012© Sonya Williams 2012

© Sonya Williams 2012© Sonya Williams 2012