As many of you know, the 2012 NATO summit was in Chicago this week. Leaders from around the world flew in to the Windy City to meet and discuss global changes. Various police departments, Homeland Security, and the Secret Service patrolled the streets. Stores, offices, television stations, and even coffee shops stepped up security measures. Some businesses even closed to avoid any possible chaos from protestors of the conference.

So, after a heated game of kickball, I decided to wander over Sunday to see what all the fuss was about. For the most part, the protests over four days were peaceful and organized. Thousands came to parade down the streets in the rally in hopes of having their voices heard. There were of course various incidents involving protestors getting incensed and eventually being arrested, but the majority complied with the officers along the parameters of the march.

I found it difficult to edit down this post to a mere five or six photos, so I decided to waive my rule of ‘less is more’. I’ve included a wide variety. It starts from the beginning; waiting for the protestors to come, and goes to the point when the crowd started dispersing. Whether you side with the activists or stand with the political and military alliance, I hope you cherish the right we have in our country to free speech.